Human needs psychologists argue that people are driven by varied degrees of desire for certainty, variety, significance, love & connection, growth and contribution or the need to give back. This position further argues that everyone has three of these six needs as dominant “drivers” and conclude that a person’s “drivers” influence their decisions and life choices … including one’s choice of parenting style. Safely, one may venture that whilst some are driven by the need for significance, others may be more inclined to love, connection and intimacy. Applied to the home-front, this implies some would be more given to a career and others to stay at home; with a hybrid in-between.

The Family, it is argued, is the building block of society and, over the ages, human populations have traditionally relied on the “Man to go out and fend for the household” whilst “the Woman has always been relied upon to keep house and tend the children”. In the face of transitions of societal structures and workplace dynamics, marriages are still being contracted, families being established, children being born and homes needing material and maternal care, governing, coaching, parenting and management. Humans when faced with situations (such as providing care for the home and children) must balance prospects against constraints, promises against perils, risks against rewards, investments against returns. We must choose an approach: “do-it-yourself/make in-house”, “outsource to an expert” or “buy a service off the shelf”.

The trend of “Women’s Liberation” and change in the workforce landscape has given rise to the evolution of four broad categorizations of today’s women insofar as they relate to caring and attending to the home and children. Broadly, we see the Employee (who goes to work and returns to tend the family); the Employer/Executive (who goes out to work but is assisted by a resident maid or relative); the Stay-at-Home Mom (who dedicates her entire time to the duties of tending the home); and finally, the Professional Caregiver (Nanny, Au-Pair, Agent etc. who fills in the gap with expertise in the skillsets and core competencies required for proper home management and childcare for those who are unable to so do, on account of tight work schedules).

Mrs. SMART’s Blog ® seeks to share the diaries of an everyday Stay-at-Home Mom who enjoyed (and still enjoys) the privilege of having been raised in an exceptionally nourishing home environment, having biologically birthed five children, being blessed with love, romance and marriage.

In the course of the ensuing editions of this blog, the Author hopes to share her experiences from the vantage point of being a Sweetheart, Mother, Assistant, Resident Teacher, Coach, Chauffeur, Physical Instructor, Counselor, Confidant, Prayer Partner, Nurse, and Philosopher. She hopes to share the journeys and draw on experiences from the dates of emergence of babies on the horizon of one’s home to the thrilling days of dealing with tempestuous teens and preteens.

Make no bones about it: this blog is about nannies and housekeepers; the decision to have or not to have one; to tend home by oneself or to engage assistance or outsource. We will be looking at child development, housekeeping and parenting styles. We will be looking at psycho-social and cultural indoctrination and upbringing and, finally, how this mother intends to satisfy the measure of “balanced success”; balancing the trappings of intimacy, relationship-building and childcare on the one hand, with the attainment of competence, rank, a measure of work and material success.

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