Are you thinking about receiving services from us (as a client) or you are thinking of offering your services by working for us (as a staff), and you have a few questions? The following below are answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you need here, please feel free to contact us on +234 818 206 2606.

  1. How do I request for a staff?
  2. Firstly, register on our website and proceed to GET A STAFF link.

  3. How does “Nannyandkeepers.com” make moms happier?
  4. We make the job of finding you an excellent nanny, caregiver, babysitter, pet sitter and housekeeper or house manager easier and faster. Here’s how we do it.

    • You register online and we discuss your needs, to clearly understand what you’re looking for. (A non-refundable registration fee will be required of you).
    • We choose 2-3 suitable candidates from our extensive database who suit your requirements.
    • You pick the candidate you like best. We schedule a meeting for you to meet with, and interview, them personally.
    • With your final decision, you complete the registration process by paying the fees and signing the contract.
    • We follow up with you, by phone, text messages or email, to make sure you’re satisfied with your selection.
  5. How do we inspect our staff?
  6. All our staff are personally selected, screened and interviewed in our offices by experienced recruitment consultants. References, qualifications, backgrounds and criminal records have been carefully checked to ensure client satisfaction as well as ours.

  7. How much does it cost to get a staff?
  8. The cost of a staff is determined based on the client’s requirement of work schedule; time duration and/or type of staff (full time, part-time, live in or live out).

  9. When are payments for staff made?
  10. After a match is made (that is, pairing the right staff to the right job), clients are expected to make a full payment of the fees equivalent to one month of a staff’s net salary to the agency before the agency can send the staff to the client.

  11. What is your guarantee?
  12. If within the first week, the fit isn’t right, for whatever reason, and either client or the staff is not happy, we make a new match at no extra cost.

  13. What happens if the person I hire through NannynKeepers.com quits without notice?
  14. Nanny and Keepers Enterprise Ltd will be responsible for the replacement of such a staff. But please note that the replacement period would vary depending on the type of staff. Fulltime and live in staff take longer to replace than part-time and live out staff. You may refer to the Contract/Agency Agreement for a more detailed explanation.

  15. What sort of people can apply to work for the Agency?
  16. The agency has a wide range of services it provides so we have a range of staffing options for everyone from women to men and young to old – all of whom should have a certain zeal and passion to help or assist generally.

  17. How much am I likely to get paid as a staff?
  18. Staff salaries are mostly influenced by the level experience, qualifications, client’s requirements and work type and/or schedule.

  19. What would be my basic job responsibilities as a staff?
  20. The general duties and responsibilities of each staff regardless of the type are clearly listed on the site for a broader and better understanding.

  21. What qualifications do I need to work for the Agency?
  22. You will need to first register with us online, STRICTLY follow ALL instructions, attend an interview (if invited) and complete the screening process.

  23. How many children would I be responsible for as a nanny or a babysitter?
  24. This is normally dependent on the ages of the children. Younger children usually require more attention than the older ones and therefore this can only be determined by the needs of the child/children in question. However in general, as a Nanny or a babysitter you will look after no more than two children under age of 7yrs at any particular time.

  25. How do I REQUEST for a babysitter, Nanny, Caregiver, Midwife or Pet sitter?
  26. First of all, REGISTER on our website, then, proceed to SUBMIT RESUME link under RESUMES link and fill the form.