It goes without saying that it takes a village to raise a child. From this stems the fact that no man is island. Against the back drop of our communal living in the African context, the company sees the importance of childminding. Our teams of child minders are stay at home moms who take care of other people’s children while their parents are at work with the assistance of our nannies stationed at their own homes. They offer a home-from-home childcare setting which provides high quality care and education to them within a positive, safe and happy environment. This gives the children a relaxing atmosphere to learn and play under the watchful eye of the childminder and the nanny.

These child minders go through our nanny courses to qualify. Successful candidates are then visited to make certain that their homes are child proofed. Backgrounds checks and medicals are also conducted on them. All these procedures are charted judiciously because we believe in the well-being of children entrusted in our care.


  • Planning a variety of play based activities/experiences that stimulate and support children’s learning and development at an appropriate level to meet their individual needs.
  • Listening to, encouraging, enabling, engaging and motivating children to learn.
  • Providing healthy, nutritious refreshments and promoting healthy lifestyles for children.
  • Implementing policies and procedures in line with good parental practice guidance.
  • Working with parents to learn about their child.
  • Creating risk assessments for each area that is used by children and for any other situation or activity that could pose a potential hazard to children.
  • Ensuring equipment is safe, well maintained and age appropriate.
  • Ensuring good hygiene standards are met.
  • Following all safety procedures (including the Safeguarding Children Policy).
  • Keeping first aid training up to date in order to be able to deal with accidents as they arise.
  • Keeping all essential documentation up to date. For example; registration forms, accidents records, and other records to show when medication has been/will be administered etc.