Courses for Nannies

NAN 1010

Cost: N10,000

This course covers the foundation of early childhood. It explains the structures that must be in place to prepare the child for a healthy life ahead.

NAN 1030

Cost: N25,000

The delicate care of a new born to 36 months cannot be overemphasized. Trainees are taught on the intricacies involved in infant care; from nutrition, immunization to assisting a mother through post-natal depression.

NAN 1050

Cost: N10,000

From childhood to adolescence, children go through quite a number of changes in all aspects of their lives. Prospective nannies are guided on how to relate and guide them through this.

NAN 2010

Cost: N15,000

This course comprises of content that teaches general maintenance of a home and understanding of home appliances while instilling organizational skills to nannies and creating an environment that encourages learning.

NAN 2050

Cost: N10,000

From water safety to fire safety, trainees are taken through all the precautionary steps to ensure the child’s safety.

NAN 3010

Cost: N15,000

Nannies are introduced to the professionalism of the job. They are exposed to the discipline, ethics, skills and bi/multi-cultural issues.

NAN 3050

Cost: N20,000

Menu planning, food sensitiveness and allergies, food processing, hygiene and nutritional goals and much more in relation to the course are covered here.

NAN 3080

Cost: N15,000

The module introduces cases of an emergency or natural disaster. It explores the risks and the steps that must be taken to make sure the children are safe before, during and after an emergency or natural disaster. This involves but is not limited to making a plan and the usage of an emergency kit.

NAN 4010

Cost: N25,000

This course is delivered by our health professionals who train the nannies on communicable diseases and how to care for an ill child. It also shows how to recognize child abuse and the method of dealing with such. The general health of a child is broken down to understandable concepts for easy assimilation.

Courses for Caregivers

CAG 1050

Cost: N10,000

It opens up with the definition and understanding of the concept, advantages and importance of caregiving in our society.

CAG 2010

Cost: N10,000

This course covers services from Nursing Care to Food and Beverage Preparation for special persons and the elderly. Trainees will be guided on how to care for them, clean up after them and prepare simple meals exclusive to them.

CAG 2060

Cost: N25,000

Caregivers are taught on the principles of cleanliness as it applies to health. It teaches the basic values of sanitation as well as the identification of various and particular diseases that can be recognized immediately.

CAG 3010

Cost: N10,000

In this training module, participants will be taught basic English Language and its appropriate usage. Terminologies, ethics and respect for communication as well as mastering the listening skill will be the various highlights of this course.

CAG 3090

Cost: N10,000

The concept and types of abuse as well as following how to recognize, isolate, manage, report and document an abuse will be the main emphasis of this course.